In today's changing business environment, organizations need to constantly update themselves with the latest trends prevailing in the market.While some require training on an ongoing basis, others may require only for a specific time frame or until acquiring the skills required to perform a job. We conduct training sessions for individuals, teams and also at organizational level according to the need of the hour. Visualizing these needs, we have structured our services as…

  • Organisational Excellence
  • Individual Excellence
  • Institutional Excellence
  • Training Outsourcing
  • E-learning

Organisational Excellence

Organizational excellence refers to on-going efforts to establish an internal framework of standards and processes intended to engage and motivate employees to deliver products and services that fulfill customer requirements within business expectations In order to achieve Organisational excellence we have designed a list of specific programmes which will be tailored to the specific need of that particular organisation.

Some of the specific programs that deliver are:

  • Soft skills / Behavioural programs
  • Functional programs (HR, Finance, Sales & Marketing etc.)
  • Technical programs (TPM, Welding Technology, etc)
  • Problem solving programs (7 QC, QC story, Six Sigma etc)
  • Train the Trainer programs
  • Outbound Trainings (OBT)
  • Tailor made programs
  • Life changing Seminars
  • Industrial visits

Individual Excellence

Individual Excellence is the foundation of any organisational excellence. We facilitate individual excellence through following training interventions.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Behavioural labs
  • Holistic individual development including Yoga, Adventures etc.

Institutional Excellence

The following training solutions we offer for Institutional Excellence.

  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Campus to Corporate Programs
  • Parenting
  • Guest lectures

Training & Development Outsourcing

Every business needs to focus on their core business. We facilitate total outsourcing of training interventions, so as to make it best in class with no fixed cost.

  • Training need identification
  • Training Calendar
  • Execution of programs
  • Evaluation of programs (Kirkpatrik model – Reaction, Learning, Application and Business Results)


We provide E-Learning facilities to the individuals, organisations and institutions.

As per your specific Requirements.